The Bolyai Secondary Grammar School and Dormitory for Gifted Students is the first and only mathematics and science-oriented grammar school for gifted students in Vojvodina whose language of instruction is Hungarian. Originally called Science and Mathematics Secondary Grammar School for Gifted Students, our school was established on April 22, 2003. Its founder is the House of Representatives of the Autonomous Vojvodina. Twenty students, who excelled in their achievement on an advanced-level mathematics enterance exam began their studies at the school in September 2003.

In 2006, all grade levels were filled and we had our first graduating class. Today the first graduates are all completing their post-secondary studies in a university at home or abroad. Presently there are over 210 students in our school from 33 places (from Bcskertes through Tiszaklmnfalva to Magyarcsernye), so we are active in fostering talent from almost the entire area of Vojvodina.

Our goal is to enable students, to prepare them professionally to become a part of those intellectuals who are able to serve and strengthen the Hungarian community in Serbia. We are passionate about supporting and fostering the talents of the gifted students of the scattered minority. The morning classes of the students are planned according to the curriculum prescribed by the Serbian ministry of education for mathematical and science grammar schools for gifted students. Extra classes are held in mathematics, computer science and physics. The school provides students with modern and well-equipped classrooms. We pay special attention to acquiring the best of the required materials, and we are among the most well-equipped schools of the region.

The main difference between our school and others is the faculty and the teaching methods used by our teachers. We have a faculty whose members were selected carefully as some teachers also teach in universities and in colleges, while others came with a strong background of having taught in the regions best secondary schools. Our faculty participates in professional training provided by experts from Hungary, where specialists have used the methodology for teaching gifted students and its practical application for years.

The results speak for themselves. Next to the teachers, our success is also thanks to the selection of our students who have already participated in many national and international competitions and who have had great results.

The school and its building is a part a complex center for educational and cultural activity. We have access to the citys public library, the Vojvodinas Hungarian Arts Institute and the Creative Arts Center.