Our Grammar School currently offers two streams for its students: mathematics and visual arts .

The school was originally called the Science and Mathematics Secondary Grammar School for Gifted Students, because in the beginning we only had a mathematics stream. The first generation of students who successfully passed the advanced-level mathematics entrance exam, began their studies in September, 2003. During our first year, when the construction of the dormitory was finished, our school was renamed to Bolyai Secondary Grammar School and Dormitory for Gifted Students. In 2006, all grade levels were filled and we had our first graduating class.

With the establishment of its four-year visual arts programme in September 2008, our school opened its doors to gifted students wishing to focus their studies on visual arts. The technical arts programme concludes with a final exam for fourth year students. During the four years of study, beside the visual arts subjects, we aim to provide students with subjects that help them acquire general cultural knowledge and skills. The many hours spent studying the arts subjects allow the students to be, upon completion of the programme, apt in drawing, painting, print-making, and familiar with art history, history of civilization, and other professionally relevant areas. The technical secondary school diploma prepares students to apply to art academies, but it also equips graduates with the necessary skills to gain employment in fields requiring creativity.