Dear Visitor,

You must be surprised as you read ’alumni’ with reference to us, as through the other sections of this website it is evident that we are a young institution. How could our school have alumni?

We’ll let the cat out of the bag.

We have alumni because between 1953 and 1956 the grammar school of Zenta (still in existance today) was called the Farkas Bolyai Hungarian Main Grammar School. Fifty years ago two generations of this above-mentioned establishment graduated successfully. These individuals are grandparents today, and the newly established Bolyai Grammar School reminds them of their youth.

The alumni and the ”old” school’s faculty and its principal, Dr. István Szeli, visited our institution, the Bolyai Grammar School, for their 50th high school reunion. During their visit, the alumni and their teachers gave our school a present of great importance and sentimental value. The special gift is their commencement tableau, made 50 years ago, and it hangs on the wall of our school today. With the offering of this tableau, the memories of their school days stirred in their hearts. Now perhaps it is clearer how our young institution can have alumni who graduated 50 years ago.